It's In The Bag

VivaTyson’s “In the Bag” direct mail insertion Programs is real direct mail that works!

Val-Pak, Money Mailer, Newspapers, Political Campaigns, Pizza Coupons and Bills. Yikes!
No wonder your direct mail campaign is lucky to get a 1% response, especially if you send
it to the wrong consumer. Why not increase your odds 10-fold, at least!

We have the answer-send it with us. Your message arrives at your prospect’s home attached
to a lifestyle publication they adore that is filled with information about the community and
people right here, where they live and work. Our readers are recession-proof new movers,
ambassadors, and homeowners with the discretionary incomes to afford the products and
services you sell. Let us wrap your message with ours.

Talk to our marketing strategists on how easy it is to bring your message to the best addresses
in town-for less than a post card. Spot on!